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New ukrainan bypass engine for medium weight passenger and transport planes


Progress (developement), Ukraine
Saljut (production of some components), Russia
UMPO Ufa (production), Russia

D-436T1/T2, ukrainan turbofan, is designed for middle-class passenger planes Tu-134M, Tu-334-100, Tu-334-200, Tu-230 with capacity from 100 to 150 passangers, is also designed for transport planes such as An-74TK-300. The engine was developed on the base of D-36 turbofan engine. New engine has higher thrust (i.a. due to higher pressure in bypass flow), lower fuel consumption, lower weight, reduced noise and emmisions, the engine has easier maintanance. D-436T1 was certified in 1995, T2 was certified in following year.



Exceptional ability of D-36 to work in wide range of climatic conditions has been proved by was proven in 5 milion flight hours (2002) archived on Yak-42, An-72 and An-74 and guarantees reliable and efficient operation od new D-436T1/T2 engines. Engines can be fitted anywhere on the airplane - below or above the wing, inside or on sides of fuselage.

Thermodynamic processes research in D-436T1's core will lower the fuel consumption by 3% to 0,592 kg.kp-1.h-1 in near future.

There are few other versions except the D-436T1/T2. D-436-148 is a modifification of T1 for An-148, D-436K is designed for An-72, An-74, Yak-42, Yak-142, the D-436T powers Tu-334-100. The last one is D-436TP designed for two-engine transport (passenger) amphibian plane Be-200 (Be-210). The engine is modified to bear with unfavorable conditions - humidity, heat, rain, flights over forest fires. Be-200 took off on 28th September 1998 for the first time.


  • 1-stage fan
  • compressor "booster stage" between fan and mid-pressure compressor attached to low pressure shaft (only on T1, T2, TP)
  • 6-stage mid-pressure compressor
  • 7-stage high-pressure compressor
  • annular combustion chamber
  • 1-stage high-pressure turbine
  • 1-stage mid-pressure turbine
  • 3-stage low-pressure turbine
  • thrust reversor
  • electronic and hydromechanical control system
  • effective monitoring and diagnostic system
An-72 An-74TK-300 Be-200
Jak-42 Jak-142 Tu-334


Type - D-436K D-436T D-436T1 D-436T2 D-436TP D-436-148
Weight kg     1450 1450 1450 1400
Fan diameter mm     1360 1360    
Bypass ratio - 6,2   4,91 4,97    
Overall pressure ratio   21,0   22,7 26,1    
Maximal turbine inlet temperature °C     1470 1525    
Thrust – maximal 1) kp 7500 (73,55kN) 7500 (73,55kN) 7500 (73,55kN) 8200 (80,41kN) 7500 (73,55kN) 6400 (73,55kN)
   - cruise 2) kp     1500 (14,71kN) 1600 (15,69kN) 1500 (14,71kN) 1500 (14,71kN)
SFC – maximal thrust 1) g/kN/h 36,7   37,7 38,3 37,7 33,7
   - cruise 2) g/kN/h 66,3 64,2 62,0 62,9 62,0 63,0

1) SLS - sea level, static ... M=0, H=0, T=15°C, P=760 mm Hg
2) cruise conditions are M=0,75, H=11000 km
3) Valid for variant with control system set for mid-range aircrafts and ambient temperature 37,5°C. Variant with control system set for long-range aircrafts has 6830 kp of thrust at ambient temperature 30°C.

The D-436T2 differs from D-436T in improved fan, added one compressor stage on low pressure shaft, noise reduction, new ecological combustion chamber and improved high pressure turbine

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