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The first british engine with axial compressor

F2/4 Beryl

Metropolitan - Vickers, Great Britain

Metropolitan - Vickers F2/4 Beryl, the first british engine with axial compressor was made under the lead of Dr. D. M. Smith, the general constructor, especially for a prototype of two-engine jet flying boat Saunders Roe SR A/1. New compressor construction made possible the changes in engine's diameter to the only 932 mm (in comparission with 1258 mm on Nene engine with radial compressor. 100 hours of testing were completed on April 1947. Flight tests were conducted on Avro Lancaster plane, where the new engine was installed in rear part of the fuselage. The SR A/1 plane (TG263 prototype) took of for the first time on 16th July 1947. 998 kg heavy engine produced 14,44 kN of thrust. On the second prototype (TG267) the engine produced 15,67 kN and finally on the third prototype (TG271) the thrust reached 17,14 kN. The third plane prototype got engines just before the Farnborough 1948 airshow. The engines were started by electrical started or by two-stroje piston engine. Another rise of thrust was expected from following developement stages (17,73 kN on 7600 rpm). But the production was stopped and at the end only five Beryls were built. SR A/1 were able to adopt Nene engines but only after significant fuselage widening. The general constructer Henry Kowler refused this possible solution. The whole SR A/1 project was stopped. The first and only undestroyed plane can be seen in Southampton Hall of Aviation museum under the designation G-12-1.

Saunders Roe SR A/1

Beryl F.2

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2022-05-11 14:47:41
온라인바카라 바카라분석법
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2022-05-11 09:46:46
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2010-01-04 19:41:48
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