VFR Jesenicko for FS2004

Basic informations:

Jeseniky area is situated on the northest side of Moravia, which is a part of Czech Republic. It's core is Hruby Jesenik mountains. Other parts are Kralicky Sneznik massif, Rychleby and Nizky Jesenik mountains. All of them except Nizky Jesenik exceed 1000 meters of elevation. Highest mountain on Moravia and Silesia also belongs to this area - it is Praded with 1492 meters of elevation. Rychleby mountains create natural border with Kladsko, a district of Poland. The northern part of Jeseniky area is almost flat with elevation approx. 300 meters.

The scenery just covers area of Hruby Jesenik and Rychleby mountains. There are two important airfields, especially for gliding - Mikulovice (near Hradec - Nová Ves village) and Šumperk.

Mikulovice airfield has unique location regarding to the ridge on the north side of Jeseniky mountains. Mountains offer early thermals in the spring and summer. Southwest wind, especially during fall and winter, makes so called "long wave" (dlouhá vlna) over the ridge, which makes the fall and winter flying possible. It's the part of the year, when the gliding season on other airfields is already closed many weeks ago.

Šumperk airfield is a gateway to Jeseníky. It has long gliders tradition, it has it's importance also for parachutists and engined-planes. It's ideal place to start journey over and into Jesenicko area.

Scenery contains:

ortophoto with seasonal textures and autogen

Jesenicko (Jeseník, Lipová-lázně, Mikulovice) (info)

Šumpersko (Šumperk, Rapotín, Nový Malín) (info)


LKMI - Mikulovice (info)

LKSU - Šumperk (info)


420-112 (Vidnava, Javorník)

420-113 (Šumperk, Jeseník)

421-112 (Osoblaha)

towers and transmitters

Biskupská Kupa (info)

Zlatý Chlum (info)

Praděd (info | info)

Háj u Šumperka (info)

mountain huts and complexes

Alfredka (info)

Červenohorské sedlo (info)

Křížový Vrch (info)

Švýcárna (info)

Šerák (info)

Paprsek (info)


football stadium




water fortress (info)

few prefabs


some chimneys

skalní útvary

Obří skály (info)

Keprník (info)

wind-power plants



Velká Kraš


Supíkovice (info)

Žulová (info)

Branná (info)


Křížový vrch (info)

other objects

some GSM transcievers

řetězárna Česká Ves (info)

What's next:

Some objects are in developement. There was no time to finish them, so at least one small update is possible. Release will be not sooner than in February 20006. I'am talking about some churches, castle, one important touristic complex etd.

Conciously or unconciously following persons helped me and I thank them this way:

Jiří Brožek - gliders
Pavel Toman - some cars (Favorit, Transit a Avia)
Honza Jureček - huge photodocumentation of cottages under Praded
Honza Pláteník - data, pieces of knowledge about real aviation, testing
Zdeněk Pokorný - data for cells
Petr Bednář - macro trees
Petr Kozák - testing
Michal Poštolka - testing
František Brablc - testing
Jiří Tálsky - testing
Jiří Šváb - testing and data
David Kozák - testing
Karel Kříž - testing

Thank goes also to authors of developement tools.

Used software:

official SDK for FS2002/2004, gmax, 3dsmax, Corel PhotoPaint, Ground2k, Ground2k4, Airport for Windows, AFCAD, Autogen Object Creator, AGenT, FSBox, FSOrto, Bitmaper, DefArea, DXTBmp, SceneGenX, BGLC_9, macro packages for AfW, Notepad, PSPad etd.


Seed it as complete package and as long as you do not want to pay for it. Any other distribution is possible only after author agreement. I'm sorry if you recognize your self in scenery:)

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If you feel that my effort deserves any financial valuation,
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